New Thoughts And Feelings For Myself Towards Nursing Essay

1573 Words May 1st, 2015 null Page
Many things this semester have influenced new thoughts and feelings for myself towards nursing. The history of nursing was interesting and not what I had predicted. Before this semester, I was concerned with retaining the majority of my education in order to practice safe nursing. I have learned that critical thinking, teamwork, and evidence based practice can be more effective. I have accomplished things I thought I couldn’t and grown from those experiences. My first semester has been positive. Nursing history was very interesting. I wasn’t shocked to learn it developed out of a need. I was surprised to learn the great sacrifice early nurses made to help people. I never applied the connection between safety and knowledge of diseases to the roots of nursing. I did not know the number one cause of death was infectious disease up until the 1950’s. (Wilkinson p. 5). People must have been aware of the dangers of early nursing, yet some still did it. For many years nursing was mostly voluntary work. It must have been difficult to care for others with no monetary compensation in time periods where life was harder. Organized nursing care must have required consistent financial resources. For me, this made the church’s contributions to healthcare very significant.
I was very shocked that people suffering from mental health issues or convicted of crimes were forced to perform nursing care. I just imagined the history of nursing containing only sacrificing,…

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