New Technology And Innovation Has Made It 's Debut Essay

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In the whirlwind of the 21st century, hundreds of new and odd inventions have popped up. A medley of new technology and innovation has made it’s debut in the past 16 years. Right in the middle of it all is of course food. Food is a base for human life and humans are ever creative in inventing new and crazy ways of making and distributing it; including robotic cookers, hot food vending machines, and 3D printers for food. Along with the advancements come the expense, and any entrepreneur will tell you, the cheaper you can produce something the better. This mindset has pushed processed foods into the American diet at an overwhelming rate. Over the past hundred years, the American diet has increased its percentage of processed foods to about 70% (Ryssdal). In the early 1900’s meals were rarely eaten outside the home; when they were, they were eaten at restaurants where human chefs cooked with fresh ingredients. As the years went, new advances in technology and preserving methods encouraged consumers to go for the convenient option rather than the previous; spending a large amount of time preparing meals with fresh ingredients. By 1950, fast food meals were cheap and convenient, making them a widely popular option. In the fast food industry, the emphasis is on giving the consumer a meal as quickly, and with as little expense to the producer as possible. By using processed foods packed with preservatives and using machines more, fast food companies eliminate expenses such as…

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