New Techniques And Drugs Are Always Being Studied, Especially Snake Venom

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replicating. New techniques and drugs are always being studied, especially snake venom because of its toxins1 Because snake venom has a high cytotoxicity, this can be used when looking at research and ways to reduce tumor size in cancer. These toxins can reduce the cell’s reproduction, which can ultimately inhibit or diminish cancer growth.8 Because cancer is a conglomerate of cells, cardiotoxins can reduce cell’s reproduction by stimulating apoptosis, which can kill off the cells, reducing tumor size.1 Although, it is clear that cancer is still a widespread disease that does not have a cure yet, research on these toxins can help researchers to study cell reproduction when these toxins are introduced to the body. Hopefully, through this research we can find somewhat of a cure.
Toxins that target your skeletal muscles are known as myotoxins, or myonecrotic toxins.These toxins are found mostly in the venom from vipers and from rattlesnakes, and are polypeptides that help to regenerate and degenerate skeletal muscles. Myotoxins can lead to disintegration of the skeletal muscles, especially the sarcoplasmic reticulum(SR) when it binds to the SR.8 One myototoxin component is Phospholipase A2(PLA2) , which can cause the degeneration and regeneration of muscles. Degeneration of muscle cells occurs when the toxins bind to the cell. Toxin binding occurs when myotoxins bind to protein receptors, which then causes hydrolysis of phospholipids. Because of this, the plasma membrane to…

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