New Societies Free Of The Persecutions Essay

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They did all seek to build new societies free of the persecutions of the past, but most of them were predominately of Anglo-Saxon origin in their ethnic makeup. The nations that "founded" America would end up justifying their killing of the aboriginal people as a means of saying "well God ordained it". From this, even though America claims to not be based on ethnicity it ends up being a founding value of the United States and we possess a de facto founding ethnicity from the start. This founding ethnic culture remained the basis of American culture for a long period of time, it would then later be compelled only by the oncoming immigration of newer French, German, and Dutch communities to then become a kind of generalized northern European ethnicity. Through a long and tedious process that culture was compelled to incorporate other seemingly unwanted minority groups such as African, Irish, Italian, Jewish, East European, and East Asian ethnicities. This process of integration has been painful and is still far from complete. Muslims of course represent the last element to seek discrimination and free integration. Yet what we find is that within the practice of American nationalism/patriotism there is a major tension amongst its people. On the one hand, we have the ideal of a racially multicultural society founded on common ideals; on the other, we have a society whose elite perceive themselves as an expanded Anglo-Saxon culture. This is not surprising given that the…

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