New Social Changes Of The 1920 ' S Essay

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The 1920’s was the decade many raved about. Exciting new social changes and cultural differences began. During this decade there were clashes over alcohol, manners, morals, and over the rise of cities and evolution. It was all a matter of political and social change. Many people began moving into cities rather than living on farms. ( staff; “The Roaring Twenties”). Although many young people chose to celebrate and make the twenties roar, the 1920’s brought more conflict than celebration. After the recession of 1921 and 1922, the U.S went into a time of economic expansion. The technology, organization and economic growth all made a change for the people during this time. The shortwave radio was a way for people to communicate with one another, which then sparked the beginning of the Ham radio. (Joshua Zeits; “The Roaring Twenties”) Before you knew it, all families had commercial radios. Aviation then began to develop in the 1920’s, being used for mail delivery, increasing ways of commercial travel by the 1930’s. Other electronics, appliances used in homes, synthetic fiber, aluminum, oil electrical power and other industries grew by technological advances. Despite the large economic growth, a majority of the American people during the 1920’s were no better than those at the poverty level. (The Ford Five Dollar Day) Workers of Henry Ford’s saw their standard of living rise immensely and accepted the technique of Welfare Capitalism. Using this technique,…

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