New Public Management ( Npm ) Essay

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New public management (NPM) emerged as a prescription to governments on what they should do to reform its organizational structures and operations. Drawing on principles from the private sector, NPM emphasizes managerial flexibility, autonomy, customer service, entrepreneurship, and empowerment to increase overall performance (Barker, 2008). Proponents of new public management believe in a more entrepreneurial government and argue that if the government is to successfully meet the challenges of the day it would need to eliminate many of its rules and procedures, offer citizens more choice, and develop less controlling budget systems (Osborne & Gaebler, 1992). The post-bureacratic model wanted the government to reform its operations and reinvent itself into a citizen-centred, competitive organization that operated much like private-sector organizations. Today, public administration still operates mainly in accordance with the qualities and practices that served well in the past; while the Government of Canada has indicated a need for change in the past, it has been slow to fully embrace the key elements of new public management and has retained much of its rules, procedures, and bureaucratic management style. Considering the fact that private-sector management requires less of a focus on rules and procedures, and an emphasis on flexibility and innovation, public administration and private-sector management do not operate according to essentially the same…

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