New Product Development and Understanding the Consumer Behaviour

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INTRODUCTION ABOUT THE COMPANY: “Vision Future” is an enterprise operating in the areas of Outsourcing, Market Research, Brand & financial management. They are currently working across 6 locations across India viz. Ahmadabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, and Patna with head office at Pune. Vision future contribute towards the growth of an organization and an individual by creating better ways of supporting business through an understanding of functional as well as industry specific expertise. They consistently work hard to add value to their clients and thereby thriving on “Vision of future” to provide high impact solutions to business in areas of Consulting & Process outsourcing. The company offers a high degree of expertise …show more content…
Working as a cohesive team with our client, we identify the required experience and other characteristics which are necessary for the successful business. Develop logo Create a brand Make these popular amongst the end consume Marketing a service business is not the same as marketing a product. When marketing a retail good, one is selling a product that is tangible - an item that can be seen, handled and used. Consumers can gain information and evaluate the product based on what they see. Marketing a product focuses on getting the item to as many people as possible. One can sell and ship a product to any geographical area, as it allows for physical handling. Hence, broad marketing strategies designed to reach the largest possible audience like mass-market techniques, in-store promotions, and direct mail work perfectly for a product-based business. In a service business, *Vision Future’*s main aim is to market itself – it’s expertise and capabilities, reliability, and commitment to excellent service. The service technically does not exist until the customer pays for it. Service is not a tangible good, so what one is selling is the promise to deliver what you set out to deliver. The marketing efforts will have to focus on communicating that

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