Essay on New Perspectives On New Art

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In the 1880’s, art began to change and was becoming something new. New styles. New perspectives. New emotions. New art. Art began to take on a modern form and reflected the culture at the time that was shifting from their old ways and adapting new skills and interests. One of the leaders of this shift into Cubism was Pablo Ruiz y Picasso. Picasso was a truly talented and instrumental painter, and many repercussions of his entrepreneurship and originality in art are still seen today. Born in 1881 in Spain, he came to be one of the most influential artists of the 20th century. Picasso practiced many different forms of art and was a skilled painter, sculptor, ceramicist, stage manager, printmaker, and poet. He was one of the leading founders of modern Cubism and inspired many with his work.
Young children are easily inspired by their parents and emulate them because they see how their parents embody who they want to become or at least give them a glimpse of who they could become. Picasso as a child was no different; he was greatly influenced by his father, however, his talent even at a young age greatly surpassed his father’s. Picasso’s father was Jose Ruiz Blasco and he taught drawing at a local art school to provide for his family (Richardson). His father loved to paint everything like pigeons that were everywhere everyday. Many of these paintings he would bequeath to his son Picasso who would gladly finish his work. After moving to La Coruna, and his father having obtained…

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