New Perspectives On Eric Hill Essay

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New Perspectives on Andragogy
Anders Hill

Even at the age of thirty six, pursuing my next degree beyond a master 's degree, at this point in my journey of adult learning I am more of a pedagogue, wanting to be spoon fed and motivated by grades. I am moving towards an andragogue, self-motivated, as I see this topic as extremely beneficial to my current assignment as a building principal and gaining familiarity, working through assumptions and motivations of adult learning. Many times I am charged with educating adults and I can see past missteps that I have made by not considering the six andragogical assumptions (Knowles, Holton & Swanson, 2015, p. 43). Most education I have received or given as an adult has been given through the lens of what is done at a high school level, or worse, in a straight lecture format, using a "give and get" arrangement. Moving in this direction of learning as an adult, it is clear that I need to move past the grade or extrinsic reward aspects that are so commonly a motivator for college courses as I start pursuing advanced degrees in education. An analysis of the six andragogical assumptions reveals personal experiences that confirm these assumptions as they relate to adult learning and human resource development. It seems very common sense, but something that needs to be considered as adult learning is planned— why is this important that I learn this and how will this close the gap from…

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