New Pangea Is A City Of The Future Essay

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Waste can not simply be thrown away anymore into a repulsive dump or burned away into the air to contribute to pollution, it must be managed! 4.3 lb. of trash is created per person in the U.S., according to Many processes used to get rid of trash is to either burn them, dump them in landfills, or ship them somewhere else. If this continues, these ways will contribute to polluting the water, air, and soil. Soon, it will be high-priced and time consuming to clean up all of the consequences of today’s waste management. The materials that are thrown away can be utilized for a benefitting cause. Thus, we have created New Pangea, a city of the future that uses innovative and astute ways that fix this predicament. New Pangea is a city that currently has a population of 500,000 people and is located between Andorra and Italy, in the Mediterranean Sea. It is roughly about 998 mi^2. New Pangea has a just climate, with fairly cool summers and mild winters. It features a predominantly flat land with a river running through it that provides the soil rich nutrients for farming. The quality of life is proficient, with average incomes. Additionally, this city’s system ensures an effective way that cleanses garbage. Not only is New Pangea a city that is known for its waste management, but it is also known for its luxuriant, green scenery views. Using efficient methodologies, New Pangea works productively to keep control of its debris.

A city can have lots of different types…

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