New Orleans And The Middle Of Nowhere Essay example

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New Orleans, a city founded in the middle of nowhere, is a city that has had to work to exist. New Orleans was doomed from its conception to be a place like no other, considering that the person it was named after had a reputation all his own. The Duke of Orleans was a man that lived by his own standards, completely apart from society, so much so that John Law predicted his death by saying that, “he was going to die of pleasure.” American, but not quite American, the city continues to stand out today, as exemplified through the two works Beautiful Crescent and The World That Made New Orleans, from Spanish Silver to Congo Square. Through the comparison of these two works, the readers are able to establish a general history of New Orleans, as well as see the stories of the city—the difference that a change in viewpoint can make. In the novel, Beautiful Crescent, the authors discuss a story of New Orleans that is told in a golden light. This commercialized version of the city is one that presents even the worst of things in the best of context. One example of this would be when the authors, Joan B. Garvey and Mary Lou Widmer, attempt to gloss over the crudeness of widely accepted prostitution. This was known as the plaçagé, or a form of forced prostitution. Important members of society would throw Quadron Balls where wealthy white planters could meet a prostitute whom they would marry and have children with. Once the prostitutes would get older, the white planters would give…

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