New Life Rule Means And Give An Example Essay example

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RP Name: Soul Hermit

Steam Profile:

SteamID: STEAM_0:0:78105849

Server Time (Estimated is fine): 50 hours

Have you read the requirements?: yes

Are you sure you have read the requirements?: Confirmed

Do you have any experience with ULX commands?: No, but a fast learner when it comes to that stuff

Explain what Random Deathmatch (RDM) Means and give an example.
Rdm is where a player entity decides to kill another play entity without a sufficient excuse of why did they did that act.
Ex. Player entity Cheese decides to rpg/blow up Cookie because he thinks it would be very fun to do.

Explain New Life Rule means and give an example:
Nlr is a rule of which a player entity dies they can 't go in the proximity of the death location for a solid 2 minutes. Also they can 't revenge kill the player entity that killed them. No matter the C.O.D they can 't come back to that location. This includes raids, rp situations, ect. To sum it up you died and remember nothing of the event that killed you.

If a player is prop pushing, what do you do?:
I would first do !jailtp or freeze them. After they are frozen or jailed, I would ask why you did you do this. Now if they say the just joined and this was an accident I would give the command to the rules !motd. Then I would send them a kind warning. If the repeat this action again I would give them another warning and a kick depending if it was just minutes consulting with them. If it was a…

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