New Jersey Transit Act Of 1979 Essay

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Located in Newark, New Jersey Transit was founded by New Jersey Department of public transportation from the act of 1979, its mission to provide safe, reliable, convenient service with a skilled team of employees, dedicated to Customers’ needs and committed to excellence. NJ Transit purchased the largest private bus company to operate, later added the rail road operations. In 1984, both department of the organizations merge with NJ Transit Mercer to establish a combined organization with the common objective to provide mass transportation.
NJ Transit services extends to major points in the North Eastern area from New Jersey to New York and Philadelphia, a wide range of 5,325 square miles. It is well-known as the nation’s third largest buses provider, with a fleet of 2,027 buses, 711 trains, and 45 light rail vehicles. The agency serves about 223 million passenger trips yearly using 236 bus routes and 12 rail lines. NJ Transit incorporation plays a vital role in the states’ economy, social development, and overall well-being. It provides training and employment opportunities to the residents, while providing private funded transit programs for people with disabilities, senior cities, veterans and state’s rural areas with no means of transportation.

NJ Transit function with a structural frame model, using a social architecture, where 8 board members, appointed by the governor represent the states as stakeholders. In addition to, 7 voting members,…

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