Essay on New Inventions During The Industrial Revolution

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The industrial revolution could be considered one of the most important events in history by impacting various factors in society. The industrial revolution was able to boost the economic world and influence political and social aspects for the better, which gave people more accessibility to goods and services offered by major businesses. Overall, the new inventions during the industrial revolution seemed like it brought good to society, but some thought there were also downsides to the industrial revolution which many didn’t take in consideration. Some critics believe that the new technology made in the industrial revolution brought corruption and harm to society. Even though some people think that the new inventions brought negativity to society, it actually brought a lot more good than bad to our society in many different ways. New technology played a huge role during the industrial revolution because it was able to catapult society and the economy towards a positive direction. One way that the new inventions affected society and the economy was the expansion of the major business and the extension of factories all around the U.S. In the beginning of the industrial revolution, machines changed many things which contributed heavily to society and the economic world. Producing items went from man-power to machines, meaning that factories started to take over making products rather than people making it themselves. This change allowed businessmen to create better…

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