Essay on New Hirer Message

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New hire message
Julia Srnsky
University of Phoenix

New hire message
The main purpose of this message is to provide orientation to the new hire. The purpose of this message is to provide information about the company to the new hires. This message aims at informing the new hires about the processes of the company, its code of ethics and the various processes which occur in the company (Foster, 2012). The initial purpose aims at providing an overview of how the company operates in various departments.
The channels of communication refer to the ways in which the information moves from the low levels to the high levels. This method is called high to low system where information is mainly received
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The top organ of Bright Holdings Company is the chief executive officer who is appointed to the head office. The process, of appointing the chief executive officer, involves a very competitive process that is transparent. The chief executive officer usually reports to the head office in the headquarters. The chief executive officer is usually assisted by three managers in various departments. These departments are finance, human resource management and the supply and chain management. At the lower levels, there exist the subordinate staffs (Guffey, 2012).
Bright Holdings Company mainly deals with the transport of cargo to different places. The composition of Bright Holdings is mainly based on a constitution that is composed of the management. The gender composition usually follows the one-third rules. This means that in every hiring there should be a distinct ratio of both men and women. Another aspect is the religion-based employment strategy. All religions should not be discriminated against at our company. All hiring is based on merit and other achievements in various sectors
The mode of communication at Bright Holdings Company is the low to high method. The information is given by the subordinate staff to the executive officials. The information is then deliberated upon by the top officials before being published. The main mode of publication involves the print media and the newspapers. All information should be

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