New Hire Orientation: A Case Study Essay

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New Hire Orientation: A Case Study
Lisa Layne
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January 28, 2013

New Hire Orientation: A Case Study
Companies big and small develop programs that deal with recruitment and training of new hires. “A vital component of a firm’s human resource management is in its new hire orientation program” (Dunn & Jasinski, 2009, p. 115). The process must be organized and comprehensive. Providing a structured, and well thought out orientation, will prepare new hires for the challenges he or she may face within their new role. “ The new employee orientation program is thus a specific, programmatic component in the overall process of socializing the employee to fit into the organization”
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125). Resources must be allotted to ensure that the present manuals are complete, comprehensive, and in adequate supply for the program target date
Lack of Training Space The training space initially secured by Carl Robins, was additionally booked for another educational effort. The lack of a proper training environment is a genuine problem that must be addressed in order to continue efforts on this program. For training to be successful it must take place in an environment conducive to learning. Review contingent locations or changes in the present training schedule. A decision to cancel the program will be necessary if a proper training location is not secured.
Possible Solutions Carl Robins discovered, be it late that his preparation for the upcoming program is incomplete. In a very short time frame, he must correct the problems identified. Frustrated and overwhelmed he needs to perhaps alert others involved in the organization. Monica Carrolls, the Operations Supervisor will be informed about the concerns surrounding the program and her earlier requests for updates. A collaborative effort is necessary to ensure the problems are identified and solutions explored.
Shortened Time Frame for Completion With only two weeks before program implementation left, time is of the essence. Robins needs to make a list of the problems identified, and research the time

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