Essay on New Haven, A City

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New Haven, a city in Connecticut, is notable for undergoing major changes during the city’s existence. It doesn’t offer images glamorous and lavish lifestyle like major US cities, or the dream of someone coming into this city and having it change their entire life. Nonetheless, it offers the idea of the American Dream, New Haven is a city where one can own a house a among the most modern and sophisticated infrastructures. Its history of development and redevelopment is an uncommon story, consequently New Haven has been examined multiple times because it has a unique urban renewal experience. However, the implications of New Haven’s urban renewal projects have gone unheard and unforeseen by the common citizen. The documentary titled The Hill depicts the story of a New Haven neighborhood, the Upper Hill, struggling to save their homes as the city of New Haven targets the neighborhood as a site for a gentrification project. The Hill shows how the Upper Hill residents challenge the city of New Haven, as they discover the true intentions of the city’s land-use decision. While the city of New Haven claimed the decision for the eminent domain on the upper hill neighborhood, residents decided to build a case against the city as they came to understand the real reasons for this decision. Angotti describes eminent domain occurs when the government, can take land from private owners for public use under certain circumstances. The city of New Haven deemed the Upper Hill as eminent…

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