New Graduate Nurse Scholarship Essay

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My name is Amanda Williams and I am a new graduate nurse and Carteret County native. As a fifth generation Islander, I grew up, married and had three children while living on Harkers Island. This has given me insight into the particular cultural traditions and health care challenges faced by those who live in my county. Therefore, I believe this is the perfect foundation from which to serve this community, and deliver safe and effective patient care that is directly in step with the mission and integrity of Carteret Health Care.
You will find I am a compassionate nurse with an outstanding dedication to the holistic care aimed at every patient. Nursing is more than just a job, it’s a lifelong engagement and I chose this profession to truly help and make a difference in the quality of life in others’. After witnessing close family members and friends pass away and go through dialysis, I knew my heart’s desire was to become a part of the medical profession that had a family oriented atmosphere.
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My clinical instructors, classmates and medical staff have highly recognized my aptitude to operate as a team player and my proficiency to work independently. Because of my compassion for others, I have a keen ability to connect with patients on a personal yet professional level.
The RN New Graduate Resident program will provide exceptional direction and supervision of an experienced registered nurse preceptor to ease my transition into the hospital setting. I am committed to providing Carteret Health Care the same dedication and hard work I accomplished in my studies to ensure my professional advancement and further the success of Carteret Health Care. For this reason, I ask that you consider my resume for the New Nursing Resident

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