New Girl Order Research Paper

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The New Girl Order

In the American Culture, male gender’s never thought before that female gender would be becoming smarter and powerful by their occupation and education compare with them. From our cultural history, we dominance female gender from everything’s because of their strange and education. We thought female were good at house and society. In the nineteenth century, there were fewer jobs for female, and especially they spent their mush of days at house. In those time, they are not educated like men, and don’t had the same right. When twentieth first started, there were transformation on female gender because of their academic, professional, and economic success at a higher rate than men. Although the government doesn’t treat women
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Women become smarter and powerful compared with men. Now days, they had same equivalent degree as men, and kept higher living standard. There is a big gap between men and women 's education. From the article, “In European countries, including Demark, France, and Finland, more than half of all women between 20 and 24 are in school. The majority of college students are female in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Norway, and Australia, to name a few of many places. Where an increasing number of women in their twenties are part of the higher-educated system.” We also tell women that focused their better future and wanted to be independent living. It also tells us those women also capable of doing work with men. In the 21st century, women were paid the same taxes as men, and also getting the same types of benefits. We both genders helped our country economic growth. There is also a negative side effect on county population. If women forget married and focused on personal life, we are going to impact our out coming generation. From the article, “ with more women going to college and grad school, the age of marriage has soared in those countries.” We need our family and wanted live with a better life. The country also needs young peoples to work in a factory, school, and office, etc. If it doesn’t happen who going to pay taxes to government. Young women are reaching their twenties with more achievements, more education, more property, arguably, more ambition than their education, more

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