New Forms Of A Brand Community Essay

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Muniz and O’Guinn (2001) signify that “breakdown of traditional forms of community, coupled with the increase of individualization and symbolic consumption, inevitably leads to the emergence of new forms of community that are vital to our current form conglomeration of an increasingly materialistic capitalist society: brand communities” (Muniz & O 'Guinn, 2001). Community is a prominent concern with intellectual history and social consideration. Brand community represents the enhanced capitalism and sophisticated consumerism. Brand is vital and primary in a brand community rather than community being primarily as in other communities. A brand community is a dedicated, non‐ethnically bound society, bound by a controlled social interface amongst enthusiast of a brand. The branded good or service is at its central force, marked by a mutual perception, rituals and traditions, and a sense of moral responsibility (Muniz & O 'Guinn, 2001). The term brand community is used to describe the social relationship among brand admirers, customers and nurtured and appreciated by the brands true owners. The attitude has become popular due to varied social media interface, and the possibility of sharing information around the globe within matter of minutes. In earlier days brands were promoted using expensive strategies and building successful image, but presently the creative market promotion and branding is done by the community itself. The brand community plays a very vital role in…

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