New England And Chesapeake Colonies Essay

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The New England and Chesapeake Colonies are quite different but they also have a lot in common. New England and Chesapeake Colonies can be compared and contrasted by the settlement patterns, demographic patterns, trading patterns, religion, government and economic activities. In terms of trading pattern the Chesapeake and New England Colonies had way different ways to trade. The Chesapeake Colonies mostly exported tobacco products, while the New English Colonies mostly exported things like fish, fur and lumber. The Chesapeake Colonies made a lot of money selling tobacco. The Chesapeake Colonies had a lot of good soil and most of river banks to plant the tobacco. Overtime farmers how lived next to the rivers and oceans made ports and harbors to make it easier to export and import goods. This system made tobacco farmers that owed the ports very wealthy. The New English colonies had kind of the same system. Compared to the Chesapeake Colonies, the New English Colonies didn’t have the good soil the Chesapeake Colonies had. Instead they had rocky soil but they had a lot of wood. Like the Chesapeake Colonies, the New England Colonies were about to build docks and harbors for trading ships. The Colonies were also next to the oceans. Sense the New England Colonies had a lot of wood they made a lot of ships in fact about 1/3 trading ships came from the New England Colonies. They mostly exported fish, fur and lumber and imported thing like glass, linens, hardware and machinery. The…

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