Essay New Economy And The Economy

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New Economy, New Me
Business is a theme park, and the economy is the most thrilling attraction. Unpredictable, uncontrollable, and subject to change, the economy is a ride where one’s best bet is to buckle in and try to make the most of the experience. In recent decadaes, economists have been trying to make the most of a technological and economic adventure referred to as “the new economy.” Observers consider the new economy an unprecedented phenomenon, a frontier that requires a heightened degree of forward thinking and planning from workers in order for them to achieve success. According to analysts, people in the 21st century workplace must have a combination of digital literacy, adaptability, and global awareness in order to prosper in the new economy. Given such, I feel as though I will be prepared for success with continuous personal and educational development.
The new economy, simply put, refers to the economic, business, and cultural infrastructure built atop the development and dominance of technology and services (Droke). The concept became most popular during the economic boom of the mid-1990s and early 2000s hen economists debated if the economic climate of the time, which was in an unexpected upswing, was qualitatively unique compared to previous economic conditions. Could the developments in information technology be the cause of the time’s unexpected prosperity? Those who answered ‘yes’ were proponents of the idea of a revolutionary new economy. Those who…

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