Essay on New Destination Development Team : Costa Rica

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Costa Rica
As a member of your new destination development team, I would like add a new travel destination for our customers. There is a great number of places one can travel to, but none can compare to a beautiful and relaxing place like Costa Rica. Costa Rica is a country located in Central America bordering the Caribbean Sea and the North Pacific Ocean. This country is smaller than West Virginia; nonetheless, a country that is interesting because of its diverse geography. This is the perfect destination for everyone, there are vast number of activities the children can do as well as activities for adults. On top of that, this is a great learning environment for children. The fauna, flora, and landscapes in general are breathtaking as well as the breathtaking views one gets from the mountains looking down at the beautiful lit up cities. The climate there is perfect, it is tropical and subtropical with a dry season, rainy season, and cooler weather in highlands. There are rainforests, beautiful waterfalls, mountains, river, and many active volcanoes. This makes the country very interesting and a great destination to travel. There is weather to choose from in Costa Rica because of the coastlines, highlands, rainforests, and valleys. Every region is characterized by its distinctive features. The average temperature there is 70 to 81 degrees and because it is so close to the equator there is really no winter or summer. There is a wet and dry season, the dry season is from…

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