New Belgium Brewing Company : Quality, Responsibility, And The Concern For Society

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The values of the New Belgium Brewing Company include quality, responsibility, and the concern for society. This company is committed to producing world class beers while minimizing resource consumption, maximizing energy efficiency and focusing on recycling. New Belgium Brewing maximizes their sustainability through their conservation of water, efficient company installations, recycling of production materials, and their many uses of philanthropy. New Belgium Brewing Company is highly valued by their community, employees and outside organizations. New Belgium Brewing Company has been voted “Best Place to Work” by Outside Magazine in 2008, and in 2010 received the Conservation Hero Award from the Colorado Environmental Coalition (New Belgium Brewing Company, Inc., 2011). New Belgium Brewing Company exerts social responsibility and sustainability in all their company actions. The first example of their sustainability actions is through the environmental issues they address.
The environmental issues that the New Belgium Brewing Company addresses are minimizing resource consumption, maximizing energy efficiency, and recycling. The company addresses these issues in many ways. In regards to resource consumption, the company feels very strongly about water stewardship. In 2006, the company stated that it takes 3.99 liters of water to produce one liter of beer (New Belgium Brewing Company Inc., 2011). New Belgium Brewing Co. recognizes that water is an important regional issue,…

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