Analysis Of Nevermind By Nirvana

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Music is frequently known and used as a pleasurable pastime. When simply studying, cooking, or going on a run, music has the ability influence positive behavior. Music genres give the opportunity to explore and listen to something that will help get ‘the job’ done, whatever task it is at the time. Music has the power internally to persuade its audience in a certain direction; music has been known for influencing change. A tune can give the listener the power to push through their assignment or the last mile of their run. Furthermore, there are many albums produced that have made their mark on past, present, and future societies. According to Friedlander in the text “Rock & Roll: A Social History,” there are two ways to experience music, on an emotional level and on an analytical level.
The album I am putting on the spot light and sharing my musical experiences about, is Nevermind by Nirvana. Nevermind is an album packed with hit songs. These artists and songs have made their mark on the music business, being recognized for their new sound, and acknowledged for their impact on alternative rock. Nirvana influenced change by not only introducing society to their new music, but
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The album posed very many stances on popular matters, making it a ground-breaking album. From Rolling Stones interviews and MTV music videos, Nirvana made their mark by introducing grunge music. Now, today, we have them to thank for the new alternative rock bands who have learned from Kurt Cobain and his band members. Music is not always for background noise. Music has power to bring change and music sends emotion through our souls. Most importantly, some form of music is relatable to everyone; this makes our days bearable. Luckily, we have amazing artists in this world to thank for their impact on our lives through their

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