Never Let Me Go By Kazuo Ishiguro Essay

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As you read Kazuo Ishiguro’s Never Let Me Go, you must infer some parts of the novel as the narrator leaves out crucial information. Both the characters and the readers are withheld from, crucial information that greatly affects the events in the novel that shape who the characters are. The purpose for the author and the guardians to withhold information from the reader and the characters is to mask the true identities of the characters in the novel, to establish a sense of individuality within the characters, and to explore the idea of a conformist society. The effect of this is to comment on how individuals in society aren’t really individuals because we all come from the same roots and are influenced by the same things, the author does this through the repetition of words such as we, was, were, and would to establish almost a disbelief in identity. Each character in the novel is perceived to have their own identity, but falsified in its own way. The guardians at hailsham withhold information from the kids about their true identities to allow the kids a life that seems to be normal. The purpose for Ishiguro withholding this information from the readers was to develop the characters without prior knowledge of background so to make assumptions about identity. Masking the character 's true identity comments on how each individual is not truly their own person if they are influenced by the same things as others in society, such as a simple act like shoulder touching,…

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