Never Let Me Go, By Ishiguro Essay

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In the novel Never Let Me Go, Kazuo Ishiguro uses his main character, Kathy H., to show how a clone can grow and transform as people in reality. Kathy’s progression of growth is shown through her observations and experiences from Hailsham to the Cottages to her years as a carer to her losing her two closest friends, Ruth and Tommy, to her first notice that it is time for her to become a donor. In the novel, Ishiguro explicitly details this growth in Kathy H. However, the adaptation of the novel Never Let Me Go, the film directed by Mark Romenek, only shows certain important scenes and a very basic and vague view of Kathy H.’s growth. Without reading the novel first, several aspects of the film will give you a completely different emotion as you would have had if read the novel first. For example, love and relationships are an important part of Kathy’s growth in the story. In the novel, Kathy’s relationships with others are very detailed and they are told with Kathy’s feelings toward those relationships. In the film, her relationships with Ruth and Tommy are tweaked to show a more romantic level than casual level. From both reading the novel and also watching the film, the novel’s detailed picture is more effective than the film’s viewing. As the story of the novel and film begins, there is an almost immediate introduction of Kathy’s relationships with her soon-to-be close friend, Ruth. The portrayal of Kathy and Ruth’s relationship is more of a long process in the novel.…

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