Never Get Out Worked: A Lesson For Life

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Never Get Out Worked! A Lesson for Life
When thinking back to high school. The greatest lesson I learned was not in a class with a teacher. It was not read in a book. It was not something that I looked up on Google. Its origin was on a whiteboard in a small high school locker; with bold black letters it demanded the attention of everyone in the room. Never Get Out Worked! It was a personal motto for our coach. A coach that only lead us to a single win that season but, taught us more about the game of life than the game of basketball. This phrase soon became my own motto. Never get out worked. Since that day, I will admittedly say I have been out worked at times but, it became a habit to strive for each and every day. With each day my work
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The true goal of high school is to teach students how to learn. The biggest learning process in the world is gaining the knowledge and experience that combines to create a work ethic that every college recruiter or company is looking for. In high school there is many times a great divide between the people who have a good developing work ethic and the people who don’t have a thing. In high school, students and work ethic can be categorized into three categories. First, there are the people that seem to have figured the world out. They are the people who can seem to manage as many tasks they are given without that slipup that can cause the building blocks to come tumbling down. Secondly, there are the people who eventually have good intentions but never reach their full potential because of the year or two they may have wasted when the world seemed to be easy. These people did not take the time to start setting the blocks that make up a work ethic. When life started to grow more difficult these people were behind and it takes years to catch up. Finally, there are the people that do not have a clue what a building block of work ethic could be. They are the students that consistently say they can write that paper next week or may not study for that history test because they do not believe it has any relevance to their life. These students may make it through high school, but soon learn the harsh reality that life is tough and in order to succeed you have to work

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