Essay on Never Get Out Worked ! A Lesson For Life

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Never Get Out Worked! A Lesson for Life
When thinking back to high school. The greatest lesson I learned was not in a class with a teacher. It was not read in a book. It was not something that I looked up on Google. Its origin was on a whiteboard in a small high school locker; with bold black letters it demanded the attention of everyone in the room. Never Get Out Worked! It was a personal motto for our coach. A coach that only lead us to a single win that season but, taught us more about the game of life than the game of basketball. This phrase soon became my own motto. Never get out worked. Since that day, I will admittedly say I have been out worked at times but, it became a habit to strive for each and every day. With each day my work ethic developed and new skills and attributes have followed. It has showed me that hard work brings out skills and attributes that can positively affect lives.
Many high school students do not truly understand the concept of a good work ethic. They have not had the chance to truly learn what work ethic is to this point in their lives. High school is the beginning of a life long journey of creating a work ethic. During this life long journey people start to discover the attributes and skills that are directly associated with work ethic. In addition to the skills discovered they start to pick up the tools to continually build upon their work ethic.
As my work ethic became stronger throughout high school I learned what the benefits were…

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