Essay on Never Forget Where You Came From

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"Never forget where you came from". The meaning behind this popular saying is that, after you reach success, do not become vain and forget your past struggles. The past shapes one’s individuality, and without the past, society cannot learn from errors and anticipate the future. But with all the attention brought to the topic of Immigration by the US Election, a bigger question to ask is: Where exactly do we come from?

According to Donald Johanson, a professor of anthropology and Director of the Institute of Human Origins at Arizona State University, many historians believe a theory known as the "Out of Africa" thesis, in which what we know as the “modern human” evolved in Africa, then migrated into Eurasia. This theory is supported by copious amounts of anatomical, genetic and archaeological evidence. This prehistoric migratory tribe were known as the Bantu. Following local animal migratory patterns, these groups of people found themselves in the Eurasian land mass, where eventually began to settle and established the first major civilizations, which were geographically located along the banks of major rivers. These early civilizations, such as the Nile River Valley Civilization and the Yellow River Valley Civilization, were the frame for future cultural development and the basis for modern civilization. But why did they leave? The answer is simple: the terrain had nothing else to offer them. The livestock they hunted had migrated, and many of the local resources had been…

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