The Importance Of Justice In King Lear

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In this speech be King Lear, it is proved that justice is most certainly unjust. Lady Justice is blind folded to represent to fairness and equality the justice represents, but that is not the case in life. Those who can afford to cover their sins and buy their way out of trouble make their selves seem better than the rest of society; therefore, keep moving up in the social classes and following a path of never ending injustice. In current politics, politicians are the rich and famous that have used this gross injustice to get to the high level status they need to keep looking good to their audience and future voters. At first, an average man is given the privilege to be wealthy enough to “Plate [their] sin with gold”, but eventually that …show more content…
If he is dressed in “tatter’d clothes” than his “small vices do appear”, but noticed that they are the most innocent and harmless failures that are only noticed because of the small rips and tears of his attire. The abuse of everyday life on his clothes, making then thin and worn down where “a pigmy’s straw does pierce it”, now make the man less valuable and important in society. Police officers subconsciously make the decision to pull someone over or not by judging if they are a purposeful law breaker based on their physical appearance. Even if an officer restrains the natural want to make a decisions based on looks, a rich man that is pulled over and given a ticket knows that he is able to easily pay the fine and be on his way. On the other hand, a poor man knows that he cannot afford to pay it and will be more inclined to start an argument weather he did anything wrong to deserve the ticket in the first place. This will therefore make the face that he got a ticket vastly known in the community and even get the poor man into more trouble that the rich man will never

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