Neuroticism : A Study Of Neuroticism Essay

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A Study of Neuroticism in Psychological Literature Every individual’s personality is composed of a variety of different traits each of different strengths. Neuroticism is one such trait that encompasses a large portion of my personality. Neuroticism as a personality trait can generally be defined as emotionality. Two perspectives of psychology will be mentioned in this essay regarding the trait of neuroticism: The biological perspective and the trait perspective. The goal of this paper is to provide a brief outline of neuroticism as a personality trait through definitions and perspectives, its development and manifestations, and a deeper understanding of the effects of neuroticism through a personal experience account.
Trait Definition INCLUDE MULTIPLE RESEARCHERS IN EACH CITATION Neuroticism is one personality trait associated with the Five Factor Model which also includes the traits openness (intellect), conscientiousness, extraversion/introversion, and agreeableness (friendliness) (Digman, 1990). This model of personality includes only five traits which seem to well-define different areas of personality without being overcomplicated or oversimplified. Emotionality is a simple definition that exemplifies the core of what the trait of neuroticism is.
Neuroticism is manifested through emotional fluctuations and feelings of anxiety (Vitterso & Nilsen, 2002). The trait causes a person’s likeliness to showcase negative emotions in challenging situations to be largely…

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