Neurobehavioral Observation Essay

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Neurobehavioral Observation When I walked into the classroom at the Velma Thomas early childhood center, there was certainly a lot to look at. My eye was drawn to the colorful kid-made art on the wall, to the thriving indoor garden on the windowsill, and to the frazzled teacher attempting to explain the concept of sharing. The first child I noticed, however, was Laurence. Laurence is a small, lively young boy with brown skin and curly hair. He has recently turned five, making him one of the two five-year-olds in a class of 3- and 4-yr-olds. And at the moment I began my observation, he was rolling on the carpet. A classmate, Elena, took Laurence’s hand and started to pull him up off the floor. Laurence sat up, and then stood, without …show more content…
After his drink, he looked back at the child behind him, and then skipped on down the hall. In the recreation room, Laurence walked quickly to a “Roller Racer,” a scooter on which he sat and used both arms to grasp the handlebars and apply pressure to propel himself forward. Laurence zoomed around the recreation room, doing laps around the perimeter of the floor. As he zoomed past the corner where I sat jotting down notes, he looked over at me, tilted his head to the right, and smiled. He stopped momentarily and tapped my knee, saying “tag, you’re it!” before squinting his eyes and continuing his trajectory around the room. He looked back in my direction with raised eyebrows and a wide grin multiple times over the course of the next couple minutes. The recreation room had only two Roller Racers, and they were in high demand. As the waiting list for the Roller Racers mounted, Miss Rachel said, “Laurence, it’s Aiden’s turn to play on the scooter.” Laurence stood up and walked backwards until he had fully dismounted the Roller Racer. Another child, Zoey, had been standing behind him, and she quickly sidestepped Laurence and sat on the Roller Racer. Laurence put his hands on his hips and raised his voice: “No, Zoey! It’s Aiden’s turn.” Zoey looked at Laurence and dismounted the Roller Racer, and Aiden got on. Laurence walked away from the scooter, towards a small wooden train that was sitting on the floor. He

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