Networking Requirements Of A Remote Access Vpn Essay

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For my company, a Remote access VPN is very much suitable and it will meet all the networking requirements of my company. As my company is a large one and it needs smooth communication with the international partners and customers. So networks that are public and have its connections with the internet so that it can provide secure connections and access to the network of the organization to the remote partners and offices. A VPN is a network that provides the said facilities to the remote users.
There is a VPN client which is working on the user’s computer which connects mobile device to the VPN gateway working on the network of the organization. The best thing for the security requirement is that the VPN gateway requires the mobile device to authenticate the identity before creating a link to the device giving a reach to the internal device so that no irrelevant or unwanted device can reach to the internal network of the company and use the resources that are shared by the company network. IPsec or SSl will be used in VPN for my company in order to secure the connection. As the company need a Layer 2 access system also, so it will be provided by the VPN by using some tunneling protocols like L2TP or PPTP which will be running across the IPsec connection of the base. We can understand the layout and connections of different partners and customers of the company on the network.
Remote access of corporate networks comes in different packages. Every other company has a…

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