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To whom it may concern,

I am writing this letter today as a concerned citizen a military veteran and a Patriot of my country. I'm really concerned with the endless squabbling of the House of Representatives and the Senate. These individuals were elected to represent the voters of America but seem to only have interest of the special interest groups for padding the reelection campaign funds. uh it seems apparent to myself that these elected officials only had interest in getting reelected. Another apparent action of the members of the House and Senate I akin too spoiled children gambling in Las Vegas with house money and playing blackjack, throwing more and more into the pot hoping for the turn of the cards to bring back the
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al interest in balancing the budget just for the ring the agendas of the elected officials all of these half measures all of the temporary budget increases I just stopped apps to get to the next election 21 party can say I tried to balance the budget but they wouldn't let me just another form of finger pointing to get real change the fiscal policies of this country me to enact extreme changes to the way money is spent by the US government first off to need to be deep cuts in spending across the board this includes defense social programs government pay scales also needs to be changes in the way the government agency spend money the use it or lose it policy needs to go away a department should be rewarded for not spending all of your money not punished by a budget cut we need to do we need to cut defense spending spending first of all the ending of this is war bringing all of our troops on then we need two pair down our military make it a much more efficient force the government is up as a whole also use to have a talk about 20 percent this may mean pushing some powers down to the state level which would require more government regulation but less government itself there are some meat Chase at the concept of what government regulation but I would just point back to the housing bust as a result of government deregulation the second part of this plan would be to increase taxes some would argue that the reduction of the budget spending would know if I didn't need for increased

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