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Fundamental Principles of Network Security By Christopher Leidigh White Paper #101 Executive Summary Security incidents are rising at an alarming rate every year. As the complexity of the threats increases, so do the security measures required to protect networks. Data center operators, network administrators, and other data center professionals need to comprehend the basics of security in order to safely deploy and manage networks today. This paper covers the fundamentals of

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Since there is no such thing as “the only way to approach security”, it is left up to the reader / implementer to best judge what measures are appropriate.

The people problem
People are truly the weakest link in any security schema. Most people are not careful about keeping secrets such as passwords and access codes that form the basis for most secure systems. All security systems rely on a set of measures employed to control access, verify identity and protect disclosure of sensitive information. These measures usually involve one or more “secrets”. Should a secret be revealed or stolen

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then the systems that are protected by these secrets can be compromised. It may seem like a terribly obvious statement, but most systems are compromised in very basic ways. Leaving a Post-It note with a system password stuck to the side of a computer monitor may seem foolish, but many people in fact do such things. Another example, which is only slightly less obvious, is
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