Network Security and Ethical Hacking Essay

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Network Security & Ethical Hacking

Neal Patrick and his friends did not realise they were doing anything unethical, in fact: when asked by Congress “At what point he questioned the ethics of his actions” – he answered “Once the FBI knocked upon my door.”

“I have found that inadequate network security is usually caused by a failure to implement security policies and make use of the security tools that are readily available. It’s vital that companies complete professional risk assessments and develop comprehensive security plans and infrastructures that are publicly supported by upper management”
Network security is not only about
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There was no need for security at the time as there was no perceived threat from within as everyone was trusted and as the Internet did not exist there was no externally posed threat either.
Once LANs became linked up and WAN links were the norm plus the birth of the Internet and an increase in LAN exposure to working professionals (Non IT personal) there became a need to safeguard the network not only from external threats but also internal threats as well.i
It’s worth mentioning that the need to safeguard personal information is now a legal requirement under the Data Protection Act 1998 – if information is kept pertaining to a living person then that information must be stored in an adequately secure environment scaling to the severity of the data. For example, your email address does not have to have large security back ends, a simple encryption in a database would be fine, but medical records which are incredibly personal do require larger amounts of security to ensure they cannot be viewed or edited by unauthorised individuals.
Some governments in different countries are paving the way for the future by introducing legislation with regards to network security. By forcing people’s hands and introducing security principles to safeguard data on a network this can only be a good thing. Once these laws become enforceable, a badly

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