Network Profile : Network Technician, Network Consultant, And Network Specialist

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Many companies are looking for employees to work in their networking departments. A list of a couple of basic network careers can consist of; Network Specialist, Network Technician, Network Administrator, Network Analyst, Network Manager, Network Engineer, and Network Solutions Architect (tom’sIT PRO, 2014). If you want to further your career after working in one of these mentioned fields, you can specialize in these types of careers; Network Security Specialist, Cloud Networking Architect, Networking Research and Development Specialist, Wireless Networking QA Engineer, Wireless Infrastructure and Mobility Specialist, Mobility Solutions Architect, VoIP Engineer, Telecom Project Manager, and Data Center Networking Specialist (tom’sIT PRO, 2014). There are also many network jobs in sales and consulting such as Networking Sales Specialist, Networking Account Manager, Networking Consultant, and Networking Program Manager.

The one career that seemed interesting was the Network Security Specialist. I have always found an interest in security and what steps can be taken to help prevent attacks. The interest was in physical security more than networking, PC, and mobile security. But after taking a Systems Security course, I became interested in how people are preventing attacks on their devices. I researched more into Network Security Specialists and found out that they build firewalls, install antivirus software on servers and computers within a network, and monitor networks for…

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