Essay on Network Marketing : A Business Model

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Network marketing is a business model where a distributor network is used to build an upcoming or already existing business. It is typically multilevel as payments tend to occur at more than one level. It features numerous programs which are designed to meet the need of different businesses with a relatively lower upfront investment. In addition, most of its programs ask participants to sell product lines directly to their family, friends and other contacts. The recruits usually make reps ‘downline’ as their sales generate some income for those above them in the program. Subsequently, network marketing can be reliable source of income for you especially if the recruits in your line are able to make sales. The following is a close look at Network Marketing Success- LOVE marketing strategy that will definitely help you succeed in network marketing.

Marketing has been changing for some years now and customers are interacting with brands and companies across various channels. This means marketers need a better way of managing these interactions considering that customers are in more control than they have ever been in the previous years. The trick here is to engage directly with your customers to fully understand what they want and the challenges they face. This is number one key to network marketing success since the customers are the one to decide whether they will buy your products or not. What your customers say is incredibly valuable regardless of whether their…

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