Network Management - Describe Four Choices for Resolving the Problem, Maintaining the Lan as an Ethernet Lan

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The Engineering Department to twelve persons in a small corporation is on a regular 10 Base-T Ethernet Lan hub with 16 ports. The busy group started complaining because of the slow network performance. The network was operating at 50% utilization, whereas 30% utilization is acceptable. If you are the corporation’s Information Technology Engineer and have to resolve the problem technically,

a. Describe four choices for resolving the problem, maintaining the LAN as an Ethernet LAN.

b. State the advantages and disadvantages of
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The hub is located in a wiring closet, but the servers and clients are not. Assume that a satisfactory performance is achieved at 30% utilization of the LAN.

4 Customer network management is used to look at the QoS classes associated with VCIs across an ATM link interface. What three MIB group and objects are used to collect the information? Describe the relationships among them.

5. A new LEC is added to an ATM LAN containing other LECs, LES, LECS, a BUS, and a ATM switch. Starting from the initial conditions, six steps (or phases) are required to make the new LEC part of the ELAN network: (1) LEC connection, (2) configurations, (3) join, (4) initial registration, (5) BUS connection, and (6) operation. Describe these steps.

6. Switched virtual circuit transmission overhead could be high for sending small amounts of information. Calculate the minimum time required to transmit one ATM cell from Miami to San Francisco on a basic SONET network (OC-3) for the following cases. Assume that the distance is 4500 km and that the propagation speed is 300 meters per microsecond. a. datagram service b. switched virtual circuit service c. permanent virtual circuit service

7. A network manager discovers that a network component is performing poorly and issues on order to the

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