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Kudler Fine Foods Network
One of the considered “best fine food stores” around is the Kudler Fine Foods. However, Kudler is in serious need of a network infrastructure upgrade of their old one. To introduce the latest technologies in data collection, company communication, and information protection while providing the best data speeds and network access are the main goals of the enterprise network. This huge step is significant as this will increase the revenue and will reduce the costs of operation throughout the Kudler Fine Foods stores. Kudler Fine Foods will go back up to technological speed as the network upgrade is completed, while at the same time improving the way they keep track of inventory and sales by using data mining
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The major goal of the upgrade is to respond to the critical issue of speed performance and possible network outage when there are no other mean of communication exists in case the modems went down. The use of outdated system hardware and software, including the modem and operating system of computer, are seen as the main cause of the problem in terms of response times, latency, and jitter that in the entire network.
Response time is being measured by the time that the network takes to respond to command of the users. The slow response time is happening because the host systems at all sites are running only with Window 98 and Pentium II processors, which are over 10 years old. The available bandwidth is related to the latency and jitter issues that are being seen over the network. “Jitter is defined as the amount of variation or randomness in latency or response time, measured in milliseconds” (What is jitter?, 2006). The 56k modem provides up to 56,000 bps of speed only, which is very slow response time, thereby causing low bandwidth. Another reason is that all of the servers on the Kudler network are running Windows NT with Pentium III processors only. By upgrading the hardware, updating the software, and installing a T1 line, which can offer a speed up to 1.544 Mbps (27 times faster than the old modem), the major problems can be solved. By then, the network

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