Network Connectivity And Sensing Coverage Problem Essay

700 Words Aug 2nd, 2016 3 Pages
As aforementioned, the WSN is utilized to monitor a field of interest and forward the detected data to sink. We note that coverage without connectivity is meaningless in wireless networks. So, we can consider the full functionality of a WSN system is kept when the system keeps required connectivity while the field of interest is fully covered by the sensors. If the system keeps its connectivity while losing coverage in certain areas, we consider the system has a partial functionality. Because the connected WSN can still forward the gathered data to the data sink through the existing route, even though some of the sensing areas are not covered by the system. In this case, we consider that keeping connectivity of a WSN is the fundamental issue to deploy a WSN.

In this survey, we investigate the network connectivity and sensing coverage problem. The rest of the survey is organized as follows: in Section II, the notion of coverage and connectivity will be firstly introduced. Then, we will introduce the different models related to sensing, communication, coverage, and network connectivity. Section III discusses various techniques that consider the connectivity problem in WSN and other related research areas. Further, several fault-tolerant/failure-resilient techniques are described. In Section IV, we summarise multiple techniques that are designed for the joint connectivity and coverage problem under an integrated framework. In Section V, under different assumptions about the…

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