Network And Local Area Network Essay

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Network size local area network (LAN)
1. A LAN is a network which connects a building/small area into a server allowing the users of the network to share data and other tasks.
2. LAN is useful because it allows the sharing of data between a business all accessed from one or more servers within a building or small area. Also because LAN covers a much smaller area than WAN it makes it more secure because it covers a smaller area and doesn’t require the use of telecommunication lines to link the LAN together like a WAN.
3. Network Adapter, Network Medium, Cable Connectors, Power Supply and Hub/Switch/Router.
4. LAN segmentation

Wide area network (WAN)
1. A WAN is two or more LANs connected together by telecommunication lines often used in companies which have branches which are to far away from each other to be able to use a LAN.
2. A WAN is formed when two or more LANs are connected together over telecommunication lines.
3. The largest WAN is the internet

Network Topologies


1. A star topology is the layout of a star diagram in theory very often not how the network will be set out. The Start topology has a switch/hub which sends and receives data which is connected to the server and each PC individually so a PC will make a request to the server for data then will if it’s a switch send it to the individual pc which made the request if it is a hub then all of the connected PCs will receive the data.
2. Above
3. The advantages to a star network are that it…

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