Network and Computers Essay example

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There are two types of domain controllers: primary domain controller (PDC) and backup domain controller (BDC). They are assigned to a server in a network of computers that use the Windows NT Operating System. (Domain controller) Windows NT uses the thought of a domain to manage access to a set of network resources for a group of users. (Domain controller) The person only needs to log in, to gain access to the resources connected to the domain; but could be on any number of different servers in a network. The primary domain controller (which is one server) manages the master user database for the domain. (Domain controller) Backup domain controllers are one or more servers. The primary domain controller will send copies of the …show more content…
In Windows 2000, the domain controlling concept is generally replaced by the Active Directory. (Domain controller) The domain name system (DNS) is the way that the internet domain names are found and translated into Internet Protocol (IP) addresses. A domain name is a meaningful and a handle for an internet address. (Domain name) Maintaining a list of domain names and internet protocol addresses would not be practical; the lists are distributed throughout the internet in a hierarchy of authority. (Domain name) The domain name system is standard technology for managing the names of web sites and other internet domains. Domain name system allows the person to type names into their web browsers and the computer would find the addresses automatically on the internet. (DNS server) “Terminal Services Gateway (TS Gateway) is a role service in the terminal services server role of Windows Server 208 that allows authorized remote users to commit to resources on an internet corporate or private network, from any Internet-connected device.” (Terminal services) Terminal Services Gateway uses Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) instead of HTTPS to make a secure connection, which is encrypted, between remote users on the internet and the internet network resources on which their productivity applications run. Terminal Services Gateway has a lot of benefits; here are a couple of them: it enables remote people to connect to internal

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