Network And Computer Systems Administrators Essay

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1. Network and Computer Systems Administrators:
Networks organize, install, and support a group’s computer systems. They are accountable to ensure that all is going smoothly and is taken care of. System Administrators ensure that storage networking is functioning correctly, meaning that they make sure that everything is working properly all around. Their work is with the physical computer networks of a diversity of groups, they are hired in a variety of places. For example there’s: computer systems design and related services, educational services, information, finance and insurance, and manufacturing. How To Become One: Mostly all that is required is a bachelor’s degree that is related to computer or information science. They usually continue to take courses during their careers to keep informed with new improvements when they are made. In average they get paid around $72,560, but you can earn above $115,180. Only ten percent of people with this occupation earn less than $44,330. Occupation of network and computer systems administrators is estimated to grow around 12 percent, which is around the same as for all occupations. Businesses that have cloud computing technology will have the highest growth.
2. Computer Support Specialists:
Computer support specialists offer support and assistance to the public and businesses using computers. They fix any problems, supports organizations on their computers, they support companies’ data plans, fix programs if not working properly,…

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