Netflix's Technology Platform

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5. Technology
Q. what is Netflix?s Technology Platform?
The Cloud platform by Netflix is embedded through administrations, structures and layers all is done on the basis of advancement with a special feature of ec2/AWS. It is done mainly to achieve the agile and productive goal. it is accessible in more than 190 nations and has more than 83 million supporters, who get around 10 billion hours of media substance from Netflix consistently.
Netflix platform is available on Apple devices such as iPhone, iPad, and also iPod Touch. In addition, it is on Nintendo Wii, too. It introduces streaming, which allows its customers to be able to watch TV shows and movies on their personal smart devices. Netflix partners with consumer electronics companies
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Is Netflix using Social Network Marketing? if yes, how they are using it and what can be done to improve effectiveness of Social Network Marketing?
Some TV applications permit web-based social networking, such systems are customary to discharge the data that is parallel to the plot of a show. Netflix brings in all the scenes immediately and empower the online networking of brand and advertising groups boosting the methodology level up to the mark. This helpful way engages the customers in a predictable stream that ensures customer?s persistence at both levels; either it is initial binge or a show premiere.
First of all, the answer is yes, Netflix is doing social marketing in very effective manner, since all social networking websites are completely aware of the performance of Netflix and their best streaming services. And also, Netflix releases the whole series? episodes at once. So, the social marking network team has to change their strategies or take it a level up to match with Netflix way, for allowing and keeping the consistent flow of fans? engagement. Netflix did a good job by proving themselves. In Jun 2016, 81 million subscribers, 2.03 million Followers om Twitter and more than 23 million likes they got on Facebook I call them ?Likers?. On Instagram, Netflix?s enthusiasts are 1.7 million in the

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