Netflix: SWOT Analysis: Netflix's Marketing Strategy

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Netflix Case Study
Our team has chosen Netflix for the case study assignment. Netflix is a multidimensional company with a large audience, making it suitable for various promotional tactics. After researching and advertising through the month of November, our program planning will begin in December. When viewers watch any new movie on the holiday list, Netflix will donate a dollar to Toys for Tots in the spirit of the holidays. Toys for Tots is a popular charity that gives Christmas gifts to children whose families cannot afford to buy gifts.
Since Netflix’s audience is primarily comprised of millennials, we believe that charity is a great incentive to watch our holiday-themed programs. Millennials are proven to be receptive to promotions that
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Conducting a SWOT analysis is crucial to our campaign because it helps to assess our resources and identify potential flaws in the plan. Our internal factors include strengths and weaknesses of the organization, while our external factors include the opportunities and threats of the holiday campaign.
Strengths. In our campaign, Netflix’s strengths include already having a strong customer base and the platform ability for consumers to conveniently watch desired programs one after another. Combining this strong customer base and platform ability means more people are initially exposed to our campaign, and are able to watch more programs in a given amount of time that donate to our cause.
Weaknesses. Conversely, a weakness of Netflix might include not having enough time to adequately advertise and market the promotion. The budget for the campaign could run dry fast, and we might need more time than planned out in our timeline. In addition, a weakness might also be encountering copyright issues that would limit how many programs could be included in the campaign. Since we want to include an array of holiday movies, encountering one or more copyright issues is a formidable
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As mentioned earlier with winter break, leisure time increases and we are hoping to use this towards our advantage this holiday season. Our first strategy is to create awareness about the campaign through a series of on-site promotions. Our first tactic will include having every homepage display at the top an image about the campaign. Before every show or movie watched on Netflix, there will also be a short video of the campaign and how the viewer is actively contributing to it. This will help millennials feel better about binge watching Netflix on winter break. Our second strategy is to develop a personalized holiday experience for every participant in the campaign. We will accomplish this by recommending similar holiday programs at the end of every movie or show watched that are included in the campaign. Along with recommendations, we will produce a filter for programs that will allow the subscribers to choose specific categories within the holiday themed genre. For example, someone could choose Christmas, Hanukkah, and/or New Years themed movies within a comedy, romance, or drama

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