Netflix Is Worth It? Watching What You Spend Essay

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Which is Worth it? Watching What You Spend
While debating between movie theaters or Netflix, I came upon four categories: convenience, variety, price, and the experience. Each of these categories is an important factor to determine between the movie and Netflix which is more worth the money and time.
When determining which is better, convenience is an important factor to consider. Netflix can be the easy choice nowadays since the average household member doesn 't have to leave the house. While movie theater 's convenience can fluctuate, depending on the location of the movie theater and the showing of movie. For example, if I had to use the restroom or get some snacks, I could easily pause the movie on Netflix; however at the movie theater the movie will continue to run. Netflix is the clear winner for convenience because it 's on my time.
Secondly, we 'll look at the variety that each bring to the table. Movie theaters have a tendency to bring in the newest titles and push out the others just as quick, and there variety can vary depending on which movies have came out in the time. On the other hand, Netflix has a wide variety of films, television shows, and even Netflix originals. Just like movie theaters, Netflix brings in titles throughout a month and pushes out other titles old or new. Netflix originals only appear on Netflix and some of the shows can be rather interesting such as Orange is the New Black. Movie theaters do have the newer titles but the wait on…

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