Essay about Netflix Is A Growing Internet Viewing Company

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Netflix is a growing internet viewing company that will most likely grow for many years to come. Its core competencies includes aiming at being the first choice internet TV for consumers to choose as a replacement of linear TV and also as the evolution from that to TV applications. As the internet is getting faster and more reliable, and especially more available, more and more consumer will choose an alternative to what we have always know TV to be what it is, or was, as the number of users is close to 54 million members in nearly 50 countries. Netflix offers movies and TV series commercial free with unlimited viewing, something we never had the luxury of having in the past. It brings all this to its consumer with a flat fee, completed with a frustration-free obligation membership. Along with its exceptional competencies, Netflix invested over $400M on technology development that highlights streaming delivery, sign-up, billing and customer service across more than 1,000 devices. They strive on the focus of operational excellence and being “flawless.”
Netflix creates competitive advantages by being available at any time and almost on any devices. They don’t have to stay with linear TV, where “channels present programs at particular times on non-portable screens with complicated remote controls.” The spectrum that cable and satellite TV uses will be modified to expand internet data transmission, increasing the value of high-speed internet, giving Netflix more…

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