Case Study: Netflix

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8. The primary product Netflix provides to consumers is their term-based subscription to an online database of instant access movies and television series. The company has one main method to ensure quality in the production of its services, which is the use of analytics to develop personal profiles on each individual customer. Netflix uses many different data collection systems to receive inputs for analytics but also allows the user to “rate” shows and movies on a scale of 1 to 5 , which is then input into a complex algorithm and results in more accurate recommendations from Netflix. On September 21, 2009 Netflix awarded a 1 million dollar prize to the team “BellKor’s Pragmatic Chaos” for completing the companies contest for the best algorithm …show more content…
Overall, Netflix as a whole is full of opportunity. Internet TV is quickly developing due to economic growth, freedom and flexibility, and rapid innovation. It 's similar to other companies due to its code of ethics, but offers the uniques through it policies surrounding areas such as time of and giving constant feedback. It aims to retain the best employees, thus ensuring better quality provided to consumers. Government influence is little, but Netflix 's follows these regulations such as acquiring the rights to stream content. Although they have moderate issues when it comes to customers, they are common in the retail industry and have had insignificant effect to Netflix 's due to them settling outside of court. Due to the nature of Internet TV, Netflix’s has employment for a variety of people which would affect the sector they worked in. Those with degrees in science, commerce, engineering, and law would all have suitable pursuits in the company. Due to innovation in technology, Netflix 's has become more accessible, and is able to use social media to its advantage. Their primary product, term-based subscription to an online database of movies and television series, uses analytics to ensure quality. Although susceptible to consumer trends such as the consumers scrutiny of their privacy being protected, it has been able to maintain good relations with its consumers. It benefits consumers and society by providing a less expensive, more accessible manner of providing entertainment. The Aristocrats recommend Netflix 's as a suitable employer for a university business graduate. However, they would have to be innovative, up to date with current technology and willing to learn, while having a drive to succeed. This is due to the competitiveness of the of Internet TV. A graduate would also have to be aware of Netflix 's lack of policies on discrimination, working conditions, freedom of association and diversity programs. They would have to consider what effect this

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